The Lomi Food Recycling Program is creating a cleaner, greener way to deal with food waste. With our local service you're reducing food waste going to landfills and also returning vital nutrients to the soil: that's good for the local community and for the environment.

How It Works

Use Lomi to Transform Food Scraps

We send you a Lomi and you use it to transform your food scraps into nutrient-rich Lomi Earth.

A golden retriever watching compost being poured into a bucket labeled 'Lomi.'

Fill Your Lomi Earth Bin

Add all your Lomi Earth into the reusable bin we provide and, once it's full, you can schedule your pickup with us. We’ll take it and leave a new bin to fill up.

Compost being poured into a bucket near a curious golden retriever.

Use the App to Schedule Pickup

Lomi Earth pickup is scheduled right in our app. Leave your bin outside your door and we’ll take and donate it to local farms and partners to regenerate the soil. 

Agricultural Circularity:
From Farm to Food to Farm Again

Your food doesn't need to become trash. Together we can divert food scraps from our overflowing landfills, turn it into natural fertilizer, and get it into the hands of local farmers to help revitalize and promote regenerative agriculture while reducing waste.

No more bugs, pests, or mess

Traditional organics programs rely on you dealing with rotting food waste in your kitchen and garage. With Lomi, all of that goes away.


Won't attract pests

Free of smells, and leaks

Beautiful design

Empty 1-2 times per week

Food nutrients back in soil

Kitchen Garbage

Fruit flies love these

Messy, smelly, leaky 

Best hidden under the sink

Needs regular emptying

Food in landfills

What People Are Saying About Lomi

The amount of garbage that I’m putting on the curb is decreasing weekly!

"What a difference Lomi is making! It’s just amazing what you happens inside this wonderful machine. In goes some pretty gross stuff and out comes beautiful dirt! The amount of garbage that I’m putting on the curb is decreasing weekly!"

Dana R.

Verified Buyer

My garbage no longer smells

"What I enjoy most is the fact that my garbage no longer smells. Other than a few bones Lomi cannot composite, all organic material is going into Lomi so there is nothing rotting in my garbage, no animals, no smell. "

Jon W.

Verified Buyer

Lomi is essential in our kitchen

"Lomi is as much an integral part of our kitchen as the refrigerator and the coffee maker. We live far out in the country and since we dont have a garbage disposal, we needed another option besides throwing food waste outside or in the trash where it would attract animals. Lomi has absolutely made our kitchen complete. "

Kira M.

Verified Buyer